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Grey Ants is a roof of freelancers for creating, enjoying, developing 2D & 3D design, animation clip, marketing video production. Our background covers variously requirement (multi-media, fine art, graphic design, architecture design, movie editor, photographer, sound effectors…)

As if born to be creators, we always dream about freedom of idea and beauty. We chose freelance module as the whole-life careers. We have license for legal invoice of charge but we run in the freelance group to find the unique survival choice in this industry.

  • What a designer want? Freedom
  • What a designer need? Freedom
  • What a designer‘s clients expect? Freedom

Spending long time working in the boxed environment at even international corporations, we learned lessons how to save our creative spirit in opening atmosphere.

Moreover, we don’t have any competitors as freelance module because we can be sourcing for all enterprises even designing companies, producing companies as partners (with confidential term)

OUR TEAM: full time and collaborators (professional designers, interns in local and worldwide territory)

OUR DESIGN: brand design

(logo design, name card design…), packaging design, website layout design, animation production.

OUR SERVICE: per project and per month (for corporate partners)

OUR MISSION: keep the fire for creativity

OUR VISION: professional worldwide freelance group

OUR CONTACT: Grey Ants Design  (377/27D Cach Mang Thang 8 Street, District 10, Hochiminh city, Vietnam)

                               Hotline: +(848) 124 619 3909 – Tel: +(848) 6274 5875

                              Skype:  greyants.design – Email: greyants.design@gmail.com







More passion – More Creativity