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By R. M. Marston (Auth.)

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In h y b r i d circuits, Fig. 5a shows a h y b r i d version of t h e source follower, giving an i n p u t i m p e d a n c e of a b o u t 5 0 0 MSI s h u n t e d b y 10 p F . 3 V o n Q2 b a s e . 65 V occurs b e t w e e n t h e base a n d 4 e m i t t e r of this transistor, so a b o u t 0 . 6 5 V is d e v e l o p e d across and Q2 t h u s passes a c o n s t a n t collector c u r r e n t of roughly 1 m A . T h u s , Q2 supplies a c o n s t a n t bias c u r r e n t t o Ql s o u r c e . N o w , Ql is wired as a source follower, a n d t h e collector of Q2 serves as its source l o a d a n d a p p e a r s as a very high i m p e d a n c e .

T. t. biasing system 38 15 FIELD-EFFECT TRANSISTOR PROJECTS in an e p o x y T O - 9 2 p a c k a g e . T h e device is available from a n u m b e r of m a n u f a c t u r e r s . T. t. biasing systems are in use, e a c h w i t h its o w n particular advantages a n d disadvantages. T h e simplest of these is t h e selfbiasing system s h o w n in Fig. 3a. H e r e , t h e gate is tied t o g r o u n d via R , andR g s is wired b e t w e e n t h e source a n d g r o u n d ; a n y c u r r e n t flowing in R causes t h e source t o go +ve relative t o t h e gate, so t h e gate is s effectively —ve biased u n d e r this c o n d i t i o n .

2 . 1 4 shows h o w such 12V TO 18V + V e lOOkQ Fig. 5 dB change in output for 40 dB change in input. B. Dl and D2 are general purpose germanium diodes a n e t w o r k can be used as t h e basis of a c o n s t a n t - v o l u m e amplifier. With 3 0 0 m V t o t h e i n p u t of t h e u n i t , an o u t p u t of r <> applied m s 0 . 5 dB at t h e o u t p u t . Providing t h a t i n p u t s are k e p t t o less t h a n 5 0 0 m V , t h e circuit gives very little distortion. In this circuit, Ql mdR 4 are wired as a voltage o p e r a t e d a t t e n u a t o r , w i t h i n p u t applied t o Ql drain via C a n d o u t p u t t a k e n from Ql u source via C ; a small positive voltage is applied t o t h e drain via R a n d 3 x T h e o u t p u t from Ql source is fed t o t h e Q2-Q3 c o m m o n e m i t t e r / e m i t t e r follower amplifier, a n d t h e o u t p u t of Q3 e m i t t e r is fed, via C a n d R , t o t h e Dl-Dl-C* r e c t i f i e r / s m o o t h i n g n e t w o r k , so t h a t a —ve 5 9 p o t e n t i a l is d e v e l o p e d across C , a n d is p r o p o r t i o n a l t o t h e signal 4 a m p l i t u d e at Q3 e m i t t e r .

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