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By P. C. Sandler

During this magisterial paintings, Paulo Sandler keeps to differentiate himself as a optimum pupil at the works of Bion. Already renowned for his encyclopedic zeal, this current booklet maintains Sandler's tireless seek of Bion's contributions by means of this noteworthy scientific program of Bion's ideas.

A significant characteristic of Sandler's method of learning Bion has been to contextualize the historical past of Bion's assumptions. In so doing, he investigates cultural and old antecedents, specially together with the philosophical and clinical issues of view. From them Sandler selects Romanticism to discover futher: one of the features of Romanticism is mind's eye, at top artistic, but additionally idealization and hyperbole.

Sandler additionally discusses Bion's manner of being "scientific", one amazing element of that's his specific use of theories, which he distinguishes from types.

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The two concepts are interdependent. −K is a factor of transformations in hallucinosis. 22 A C L I N I CA L A P P L I CAT I O N O F B I O N ’ S C O N C E P T S Bion’s theory of links evolves Five years later, Bion suggested a second theory of links. In addition to K, L and H, there would be links of parasitism, commensalism and symbiosis. These new links depict relationships between container and contained. This shows that he did not regard his theoretical suggestions concerning links as finished.

In Brazil, there is a common saying: “One loses one’s friend but does not lose the joke”. His good humour and easy ability to make friends was soon debased into mordacity and sarcasm. This man lost a great many of his friends but did not lose his feelings of superiority. People liked him but paradoxically avoided contact with him, as a way of protecting themselves. Being with him was an exhausting task, because he would do anything to extract unconditional proofs of love from his friends. Malignant narcissism, as some American authors call it, seems to be a factor of Minus Hate.

From literary commentators who aren’t by themselves artists (or scientific commentators who are not scientists) one may only expect personal opinions—which flow into authoritarian postures to convince people, through the use of personal fame and political powers. In the end personal opinions do not matter to the ways and the truth that specific artistic work or scientific research attains, as artists such as Vladimir Horowitz and scientists such as Albert Einstein and Max Planck (1949, pp. 5 Freud, as he proceeded in his observations, practically stumbled onto the discovery—as distinct from “invention”—of psychoanalysis, as Bion observed.

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