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Download A Continent Revealed: The European Geotraverse by Derek Blundell, Roy Freeman, Stephan Mueller PDF

By Derek Blundell, Roy Freeman, Stephan Mueller

A Continent published offers the findings of the ecu Geotraverse (EGT)--a targeted examine of the tectonic evolution of the continent of Europe and the 1st finished move component to the continental lithosphere. The venture produced maps and geologic profiles, alongside a 250 kilometer extensive swath stretching 4600 kilometers from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean, which shape a 3 dimensional photo of the constitution, houses, and composition of the continental lithosphere of Europe in an atlas layout. some of the information that contain the maps also are provided on an compact disc (ROM). The dialogue quantity, the maps, and a publication containing gravity, electrical, and magnetic box facts represent the whole boxed set. The paperback dialogue quantity can also be on hand individually.

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What we here call Baltica was named Fennosarmatia by Stille (1929), and could also be called Ancient Europe or the Russio-Baltic Platform. Baltica is preferred for the sake of brevity, and for consistency with the palaeomagnetic reconstructions. Other parts, maybe as much as half of the original Proterozoic Europe, had become welded on to Gondwana, strongly influenced by the Cadomian orogeny. They were left behind, at least for the time being. 9 Ga when Proterozoic Europe was situated next to North America, and when the two continents shared a continuous active margin.

In Mid to Late Jurassic times, western Europe had been feeling the influence of stresses from the opening of the central Atlantic, which resulted in an updoming of the central North Sea and then rifting. These stresses predominated over the transtensional stresses to the south where the region between Europe and Africa was fringed with passive margins and carbonate dominated shelf seas. 4. 14 ARRIVAL OF THE ADRIATIC PLATE: EO-ALPINE COLLISION Inevitably, within this sinistral strike-slip system, microplates rotated anticlockwise and collided with each other as well as growing and moving apart.

The mountain chain was characterised by west to northwest-verging thrusting, and concomitant E-W strike-slip movements which allowed eastward tectonic escape. High-pressure metamorphic overprints accompanied the eo-Alpine events. Meanwhile, to the west of Europe during the Early Cretaceous, Atlantic rifting had migrated northwards as far as Labrador and Greenland, generating E-W tensional stresses across western and central Europe. Within this north Atlantic regime the Iberian continental block had separated from North America and, perhaps influenced by the sinistral strike-slip regime to the south, rotated anticlockwise and translated southeast.

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