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Download A Fire Upon the Deep (Zones of Thought, Book 1) by Vernor Vinge PDF

By Vernor Vinge

A fireplace Upon the Deep is the large, breakout publication that fulfills the promise of Vinge's occupation so far: a gripping story of galactic struggle advised on a cosmic scale.

Thousands of years as a result, many races inhabit a universe the place a mind's power depends upon its situation in house, from superintelligent entities within the go beyond, to the constrained minds of the Unthinking Depths, the place merely basic creatures and expertise can functionality. not anyone is aware what unusual strength partitioned area into those "regions of thought," but if the warring Straumli realm use an historical Transcendent artifact as a weapon, they unwittingly unharness an grand strength that destroys hundreds of thousands of worlds and enslaves all ordinary and synthetic intelligence.

Fleeing the probability, a kinfolk of scientists, together with young ones, are taken captive by means of the Tines, an alien race with a harsh medieval tradition, and used as pawns in a ruthless strength fight. A rescue venture, now not completely composed of people, needs to rescue the children-and a mystery which could keep the remainder of interstellar civilization.

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Originally released 1971 by means of Ace Books.

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The sleet, still falling steadily from the grayness above Ofuna, lands whitely, softly, on the face of the Aizen. Kishimo sees tracks of moisture make their way from the eye of the Aizen to the tip of his chin. You have seen the cabin of the Miroku! Aizen laughs. You have seen the retainers of the Miroku! He reaches and takes Kishimo’s upper arm in the fingers of his doeskin glove decorated with hoshi stars. To Kishimo the sensation is overwhelming. When she had ridden with Aizen upon the great beast, he had seemed a man of skeletal make.

When he is ready, the infant replies. The woman asks how long he has been as he now is. The infant has been on board Ofuna for some six score thousands of days, he tells her. The woman’s eyes, cat-like, open wide as she calculates the length of time. For that long, yes, whispers the infant. And when will he be ready to land at Tsunu, the woman asks. The infant ignores the query. Instead, he asks in his thin, reedy voice, if the woman does not know her name, can she tell him other things. Whence came she?

Kishimo places a slippered foot before her on the next riser of the flight. She moves to another, to another. Always close above her, the Aizen keeps pace. The deck and planking above them grow dark, faint to Kishimo’s rare glances back. Soon all is black above. There is only the flight, darkness and Aizen above her, dim flickering light and risers dropping away, away, away below. Kishimo descends. Here there is no railing for the hand at either side of the risers. The flight is easily wide enough to accommodate her careful stride; still she shudders at the sight of the risers’ ends: beyond, the darkness falls away seemingly without end.

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