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By Igor Kon (Editor)

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Op. , p 50. 20 D. N. Levine, E. B. Carter, and E. M. Gorman. Simmel‘s Influence on American Sociology. In: The American Journal of Sociology, 1976, 81, 4: 840, 841. 21 Talcott Parsons. , 1949), p 3. 56 4 NATURALISM IN SOCIOLOGY OF THE TURN OF THE CENTURY Alexander Hofman and Alexander Kovalev 1. Evolutionism — the Basis of the Naturalistic Schools of Sociology The middle and second half of the nineteenth century was a time in the intellectual history of Europe of an almost universal enthusiasm for the advances of natural science and the flourishing of the positivist-naturalistic outlook, under whose determinant influence the sociology of the time developed.

Furthermore, he also could not theoretically resolve the contradictions between organicism and individualism. The contradictoriness of his influence on sociological thought follows from that. 18 Spencer‘s visit to the USA in 1882 was a real triumph. S. 19 The attitude to him, however, was never unequivocal. He was seen at first mainly as a theorist of naturalistic evolutionism; he enjoyed his greatest influence among spokesmen of social Darwinism (W. G. Sumner). Proponents of a psychological orientation, on the contrary, criticised him for his naturalism.

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