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By Larry Niven

Jaybee Corbell aroused from sleep after greater than 2 hundred years as a corpsicle -- in a person else's physique, and below sentence of quick annihilation if he made a improper circulation whereas they have been education him for a one-way challenge to the stars.

But Corbell picked his time and made his personal movement. as soon as he was once outbound, the place the Society that governed Earth couldn't achieve him, he headed his starship towards the galactic middle, the place the incredible energies of the Universe wrenched the cloth of time and house and promised ultimate break out from his captors.

Then he again to an Earth eons older than the single he'd left...a planet that had had 3,000,000 years to increase perils he had by no means dreamed of -- perils that turned nightmares that he needed to escape...somehow!

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Originally released 1971 through Ace Books.

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10). Every inch of the citizens’ lives is regulated, and the motto that each must subscribe to is a mantra that is exhibited in all of the village’s rules and laws: “To clean, clean ceaselessly, to destroy as soon as they are formed, those miasmas which constantly emanate from a human collective, such is the primary job of the central government” (chap. 10). Parallel to Stahlstadt with its “Central Bloc” that watches over its beehive of productivity, France-Ville is also governed by a “Central Government” that passes down its own edicts for the good of its citizens.

No birds fly through this area; even the insects appear to avoid it; and, within the memory of man, not a single butterfly has ever been seen. [. ] Thanks to the power of an enormous capital, this immense establishment, this veritable city which is at the same time a model factory, has arisen from the earth as though from a stroke of a wand. (chap. 5) Uniform rows of apartments house uniform workers all hired to serve an invisible Baal, whose presence is felt through the roaring of fuming volcano-like smoke stacks: “Here and there, an abandoned mine shaft, worn by the rains, overrun by briars, opens its gaping mouth, a bottomless abyss, like some crater of an extinct volcano” (chap.

5). As Marcel gradually moves up the ladder of Introduction : xxxi the Stahlstadt hierarchy, even earning medals for his efficiency, he finally comes face to face with the nefarious Herr Schultze himself, (who considers him a “find” and “a pearl” [chap. 23 Yet it is truly a nekya rather than an initiation as Marcel performs an “Orphic” descent toward Hades, which Dr. Sarrasin describes to him in terms of Manichean peril: “the project would be not only difficult but also perhaps bristling with danger, [.

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