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By Linda Lee

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Among other items displayed is a piece of a thirteenth century effigy of a knight, possibly depicting Edmund, Earl of Cornwall. O 39 lthough easily accessible from the main road, Hailes Abbey still enjoys a peaceful seclusion. The ruinous stones sit in perfect harmony with the great, spreading chestnut trees, and rows of elegant cypress and yew encircle the site. Even the local sheep have maintained their association with the abbey, and have taken to grazing in the tranquillity of the cloisters.

Towards the end of the seventh century Cuthbert was persuaded to give up his life as a hermit and become Bishop of the monastery. Shortly after his death, the famous Lindisfarne Gospels were produced, possibly in celebration of St Cuthbert’s enshrinement in the monastic church. By this time it had become I 58 firmly established as a place of pilgrimage, and continued to grow in wealth and power, but its treasures eventually attracted the unwanted attention of Danish raiders. After eight long decades of suffering, the monks finally abandoned their island monastery and fled to the mainland.

With the advent of the railway its popularity increased, and there were occasions when several hundred people gathered at the site. It is no less appealing today. The warm and welcoming walls of ancient red sandstone conceal some wonderful architectural treasures, and the setting is one of timeless grace and beauty. uk Find exact location using Multimap 31 Gisborough Priory tanding in full glory, and to its original height, the magnificent east end gable of Gisborough Priory church is predominantly all that survives of this early twelfth century Augustinian monastery.

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