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By Rodolfo Paoletti, Dr. David Kritchevsky

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3) Are the regional differences that are observed in arterial GAG composition a reflection of an uneven distribution of PG? In the light of the morphological studies, it will be most interesting to also investigate whether the PGs have structurally dictated differential affinities for smooth muscle and endothelial cell membranes, elastin, and collagen. B. THE EFFECT OF LIPOPROTEINS ON GLYCOSAMINOGLYCAN AND PROTEOGLYCAN METABOLISM Because of the appreciable changes in the GAG content and composition of arteries found associated with atherogenesis and because of the topological relation between lipids and GAG in lesions, several efforts have been made to study the effect of lipoproteins on the metabolic turnover of GAG.

Onitiri et al. (1976) investigated the amount of apoB-containing lipoproteins in intima extracts of ascending aorta and iliac artery from bypass surgery and valve replacement patients. They also used electroimmunoassay 30 GERMAN CAMEJO and compared the amounts of arterial-extract Hpoproteins with those of plasma hpoproteins. 001). 81,/? 001). The passage of plasma hpoproteins across the endothelium has been substantiated in rabbits and humans. Bratzler et al. (1977) studied the transmural concentration profiles of human 125I-labeled LDL in rabbit aortas as a function of time.

Therefore, any association taking place between LDL or VLDL and PG, elastin, and collagen could be modulated by other plasma lipoproteins, including HDL. 40 GERMAN CAMEJO The competition between soluble circulating PG and GAG and the PG and GAG of the intimal extracellular matrix has been proposed as a possible regulating phenomena of lipoprotein deposition and atherosclerotic lesion development. , 1965; Morrison, 1971). , 1975). 063 g/ml lipoprotein from hypercholesterolemic rabbits was incubated with intima-media disks from rabbit aorta.

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