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By Meiling Wu

Focusing on problems with while and the way Archean crust within the craton used to be shaped, this PhD thesis ebook provides significant examine results of box dependent metamorphic, geochemical and geochronological investigations on Meso-Neoarchean basement rocks from Shandong Province within the japanese Block of the North China Craton. according to significant findings and new facts, the writer proposes that the formation and evolution of Archean crust was once ruled by way of mantle plumes, now not via plate tectonics. As one of many oldest cratonic blocks on this planet containing rocks as outdated as 3.85 billion years, the formation and evolution of North China Craton continues to be arguable. for that reason this e-book may be of price to an individual drawn to the evolution of cratonic blocks and Precambrian geology.

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The Precambrian basement of the North China Craton can be subdivided into the Eastern Block, the Western Block, and the Trans-North China Orogen. Details of the regional geology are reviewed in this chapter. 5 million km2 in most of northern China, the southern part of northeastern China, Inner Mongolia, the Bohai Sea, and the northern part of the Yellow Sea (Fig. 1; Zhao et al. 2005). It is roughly triangle in shape and bounded by faults and younger orogenic belts, with the Late Paleozoic Central Asian Orogenic Belt to the north, the Early Paleozoic Qilianshan Orogen to the southwest, the Mesozoic Qinling-Dabie Orogenic Belt to the south, and the Mesozoic Su-Lu ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic belt to the southeast (Fig.

Liu, S. J. (2007a). Discovery of sapphirine-bearing Mg-Al granulites in the North China Craton: Implications for Paleoproterozoic ultrahigh-temperature metamorphism. Gondwana Research, 11, 26–285. , & Li, J. H. (2007b). Timing of Paleoproterozoic ultrahigh-temperature metamorphism in the North China Craton: Evidence from SHRIMP U–Pb zircon geochronology. Precambrian Research, 159, 178–196. , Li, J. , Liu, S. , & Itaya, T. (2009a). Counterclockwise exhumation of a hot orogen: The Paleoproterozoic ultrahigh-temperature granulites in the North China Craton.

Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 24, 563–575. Wan, Y. , Liu, D. , Wang, S. , Dong, C. , Yang, E. , et al. (2010). Juvenile magmatism and crustal recycling at the end of Neoarchean in western Shandong Province, North China Craton: Evidence from SHRIMP zircon dating. American Journal of Science, 310, 1503–1552. Wan, Y. , Liu, D. , Wang, S. , Yang, E. , Dong, C. , et al. (2011). 7 Ga juvenile crust formation in the North China Craton (Taishan-Xintai area, western Shandong Province): Further evidence of an understated event from zircon U–Pb dating and Hf isotope composition.

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