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Download Agile Web Development with Rails (4th edition) by Dave Thomas, David Heinemeier Hansson, Sam Ruby PDF

By Dave Thomas, David Heinemeier Hansson, Sam Ruby

Ruby on Rails is helping you produce top of the range, beautiful-looking net functions quick. you think about developing the appliance, and Rails looks after the details.

Tens of millions of builders have used this award-winning e-book to benefit Rails. It's a vast, far-reaching instructional and reference that's steered by way of the Rails middle staff. If you're new to Rails, you'll get step by step information. If you're an skilled developer, this ebook offers you the great, insider details you need.

Rails has advanced through the years, and this e-book has advanced in addition to it. We nonetheless commence with a step by step walkthrough of establishing a true software, and in-depth chapters examine the integrated Rails good points. This version now offers new Ruby and Rails clients additional info at the Ruby language and takes extra time to provide an explanation for key thoughts all through. top practices on the right way to observe Rails proceed to alter, and this version retains up. Examples use cookie sponsored periods, HTTP authentication, and lively Record-based varieties, and the booklet focuses all through at the correct strategy to use Rails. also, this variation now displays Ruby 1.9, a brand new free up of Ruby with huge sensible and function improvements.

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By convention they use capitalization, rather than underscores, to distinguish the start of words within the name. Class names look like Object, PurchaseOrder, and LineItem. Rails uses symbols to identify things. In particular, it uses them as keys when naming method parameters and looking things up in hashes. For example: redirect_to :action => "edit", :id => params[:id] As you can see, a symbol looks like a variable name, but it’s prefixed with a colon. Examples of symbols include :action, :line_items, and :id.

Ruby comments start with a # character and run to the end of the line. Indentation is not significant (but two-character indentation is the de facto Ruby standard). Ruby doesn’t use braces to delimit the bodies of compound statements and definitions (such as methods and classes). Instead, you simply finish the body with the keyword end. The keyword return is optional, and if not present, the results of the last expression evaluated will be returned. 2 Data Types While everything in Ruby is an object, some of the data types in Ruby have special syntax support, in particular for defining literal values.

When we start coding our next application in ten pages or so, we’ll get a conflict the first time we run it, because it will also try to use the computer’s port 3000 to talk with the browser. Now would be a good time to stop the current application by pressing Ctrl-C in the window you used to start it. Now lets move on to an overview of Rails itself. 0 printing, October 28, 2010) 49 In this chapter, we’ll see • models, • views, and • controllers. Chapter 3 The Architecture of Rails Applications One of the interesting features of Rails is that it imposes some fairly serious constraints on how you structure your web applications.

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