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Download An Atlas of Surgical Approaches to the Bones and Joints of by Donald Piermattei, Kenneth A. Johnson PDF

By Donald Piermattei, Kenneth A. Johnson

This atlas presents transparent and concise descriptions of surgical techniques to each joint and bone you are going to stumble upon in veterinary drugs. The illustrations are relatively certain and establish pertinent muscle and fascial layers, in addition to significant nerves and vessels encountered in the course of the a number of approaches. worthy for junior surgical procedure, orthopedic clinicals and personal perform. Piermatti & Flo rule!!

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A tracheal washing is collected the following day and smears prepared. a What is illustrated in the smears (32a, b) (Papanicolaou, ×20 and ×100 oil, respectively)? b What is the significance of these findings? 5 Mesothelial cells Macrophages Modified transudate >25 <5 Mesothelial cells Macrophages Exudate >30 >5 Neutrophils Macrophages 31 a A mixed cell population is present, consisting of RBCs, neutrophils, macrophages and reactive mesothelial cells. A lot of black pigment is present extracellularly and intracellularly within the macrophages.

26 26 A smear is made from an FNA collected from a submandibular lymph node of a 13-year-old female crossbred dog. a Describe the cells seen in the smear (26) (Wright–Giemsa, ×50 oil). What is your interpretation? b Using the cytological features of the metastatic cells, list the most likely differential diagnosis. c Which special stains could you use to confirm your diagnosis? d What are the sensitivity and specificity of fine needle aspiration of regional lymph nodes to determine possible metastasis, compared with histological examination of the entire node?

B This structure is a striated (skeletal) muscle fragment. c If present in small numbers, the possibility of spurious aspiration of muscle should be considered. If present in large numbers, the possibility of a rhabdomyoma should be considered. 44 The cells depicted are well-differentiated adipocytes. These cells are large, appear in aggregates or sometimes singly, and contain fat that stains negatively with Wright’s, such that the cytoplasm appears clear. The cells possess a small, round or ovoid, pyknotic nucleus that may be compressed and located in the periphery of the cell.

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