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By Jim Lavin

Layout, construct, and attempt providers to create a starting place to your AngularJS applications

About This Book

Understand how providers are an important part of the AngularJS framework and the way leveraging providers can profit your applicationDesign and constitution your AngularJS providers and research the easiest practices utilized in designing AngularJS servicesEffectively write, try out, and eventually installation your application

Who This publication Is For

If you're an intermediate JavaScript developer who's trying to improve your realizing of single-page net program improvement with a spotlight on AngularJS providers, then this ebook is for you.

What you'll Learn

Write Jasmine eventualities to check your AngularJS services
Implement universal performance that may be leveraged via the controllers, directives, and different prone on your application
Build companies that create, retrieve, replace, and delete your application's info on exterior servers
Incorporate third-party JavaScript libraries into your AngularJS application
Move enterprise common sense to the buyer aspect to construct a brand new type of serverless applications
Optimize your AngularJS software for optimum performance

In Detail

This booklet will give you the talents and top practices had to create AngularJS providers. It begins with the basics of what providers are and their position in a standard AngularJS program. you'll stroll during the improvement of a real-world software utilizing prone around the quite a few software layers after which circulate directly to create prone that offer cross-cutting issues akin to messaging, logging, and authentication.

Next, the publication covers companies that supply information entry displaying you the way to engage with exterior cloud-based information providers and the way to cache information at the shopper to lessen community latency. The publication then exhibits you ways to jot down providers that leverage different cloud-based companies to create mashups and comprise performance on your program with out writing loads of code.

You also will the way to create company common sense gadgets, ideas engines, and finite country machines, that are used to supply company good judgment in your software.

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Additional info for AngularJS Services

Example text

You just need to add the source files to the list of files that should be included with your unit tests, and then, you can start using them. past(), inventory: null, brewerIsAdmin: false }; If your services go against existing REST-based API services, you can also use a tool such as Postman or SoapUI to capture data from a session with the services to use as mock data as well. As you make requests, you can save the responses to your test data file for use as responses to mocked $http requests. If the REST services you plan to call don't exist yet, you will have to mock up the data manually, and once they exist, you can then replace your mocked data with real responses.

Mocking timers One last thing we'll talk about is how to handle unit testing when your service uses either the $timer or $interval service. Calls to these services can cause a delay in executing your unit tests, and one of the things we want when executing unit tests is for them to execute as quickly as possible. This way, we get feedback as quickly as possible as we modify our code. The AngularJS Mock library provides mock services for both of these services, allowing us to skip ahead in time so that the timeout interval passes quickly, thus allowing the test to execute as fast as possible.

Finally, the service definition returns an object with just the methods we want to make public to consumers of the service, following the Revealing Module Pattern. [ 52 ] Chapter 4 To use the service, a consumer needs to include the messaging service as a dependency and then subscribe to one or more topics that it's interested in being notified about when the event occurs. password]); } //#endregion view handlers }); The LoginCtrl view controller takes the messaging service and the events service as dependencies.

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