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By Emanuel Swedenborg

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As of the Lord's Divine mercy it has been granted me to know the internal meaning of the Word, in which are contained the deepest arcana that have not before come to anyone's knowledge, nor can come unless the nature of the other life is known (for very many things of the Word's internal sense have regard to, describe, and involve those of that life), I am permitted to disclose what I have heard and seen during some years in which it has been granted me to be in the company of spirits and angels.

In Job: Thou shalt not be afraid of the wild animals of the earth, for thy covenant is with the stones of the field, and the wild animals of the field shall be at peace with thee (v. 22, 23). In Ezekiel: I will make with you a covenant of peace, and will cause the evil wild animal to cease out of the land, that they may dwell confidently in the wilderness (xxxiv. 25). 45 2 • 46] GENESIS . In Isaiah: The wild animals of the field shall honour me, because I have given waters in the wilderness (xliii.

In the course of regeneration, when man is being made spiritual, he is continually engaged in combat, on which account the church of the Lord is called militant; for before regeneration lusts have the dominion, because the whole man is composed of mere lusts and the falsities thence derived. During regenera­ tion, these lusts and falsities cannot be instan­ taneously abolished, for this would be to destroy the whole man, such being the only life which he has acquired; and therefore evil spirits are suffered to continue with him for a long time, that they may excite his lusts, and that these may thus be loosened, in innumerable ways, even to such a degree that they can be inclined by the Lord to good, and the man be thus reformed.

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