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By Alan H. Welch, Kenneth G. Stollenwerk

This ebook consolidates a lot of what's recognized concerning the geochemistry of arsenic and offers new info on relationships among excessive concentrations of arsenic in floor water and geochemical environments. the subject material of this ebook levels in scope from molecular-scale geochemical procedures that impact the mobility of arsenic in floor water, to arsenic infected flooring water on the nationwide scale. Chapters have been contributed by means of a world team of analysis scientists from a large diversity of backgrounds.

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5. Orpiment and realgar can form under a wide variety of conditions that include hydrothermal mineralization, hot spring environments, mine fire sublimates, and fumarolic encrustations. 6. Realgar appears to be more stable than orpiment in high temperature environments (100-200°C). 7. Native arsenic is stable only under strongly reducing conditions and although it appears as a stable phase under standard state conditions, field observations indicate it only forms under hydrothermal conditions. 8.

Spectroscopic Investigations of Arsenic in Solid Phases 49 Without spectroscopic information, these macroscopic observations might be taken as indicating physisorption rather than chemisorption. Sun and Doner (1996) used deuterated goethite to examine the affect of As(III/V) adsorption on surface hydroxyl (OH) groups. Deuterium exchanges for in surface OH groups, forming OD groups on the surface. The peaks corresponding to OD vibrations are shifted relative to OH bands, Chapter 2 50 which in goethite represent both surface and bulk OH groups.

The products of the combustion were a mixture of arsenic oxides and compounds. ) Barton (1969) examined the phase behavior of the As+S system as a subset of his work on the Fe+As+S system and concluded that the enthalpies of formation were much too negative and that better values were on the order of –36 and for and respectively. Johnson et al. (1980) measured the enthalpy of fluorine combustion of samples of the high-temperature form of AsS and of glassy They combined those values with other measured properties and some estimates to obtain enthalpies of formation of and for and respectively.

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