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By David E. Noakes, Timothy J. Parkinson, Gary C. W. England

This new 8th version of the vintage textual content covers all features of copy and obstetrics in all universal family species, in addition to a number of much less universal species. this can be the one publication to hide the whole diversity of family animals and now additionally contains much less universal species similar to llamas and alpacas. a number of extra universal, usually encountered small animal species equivalent to guinea pigs and rabbits are mentioned for the 1st time during this variation.

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16. heat. From this point, it undergoes rapid reduction in size and changes in colour and appearance. 5 cm and its protrusion is much smaller and less distinct, while its colour is changing to bright yellow. ) Its consistency is dense, and already scar tissue invasion is commencing. By the second day of dioestrus, its size is reduced to about 1 cm and its outline is becoming irregular. 25 1 1 NORMAL OESTROUS CYCLES Size of the ovaries From the foregoing account, it will be appreciated that the size of an ovary will depend chiefly on the period in the oestrous cycle at which it is examined and whether or not it contains an active CL.

This increase in size is due in part to the progressive deposition of scar tissue resulting from prolonged function, and in some cases also to the presence of large numbers of small but visible follicles. Not infrequently, the ovary that does not contain a CL measures 4 by 3 by 2 cm. Nevertheless, it is generally possible in middioestrus to detect the CL, for, quite apart from its protrusion, the ovary containing it is plum-like, whereas the other is distinctly flattened from side to side. On section of such ovaries, the CLs, both active and regressing, and the follicles approaching maturity are identical with those described for ENDOGENOUS AND EXOGENOUS CONTROL OF OVARIAN CYCLICITY the heifer.

Furthermore, he has found that barren and maiden mares maintained in yards on adequate but mainly dried feedstuffs during the winter and spring remain in anoestrus longer than those which are kept out at grass. An explanation for this is difficult to find, although it may be related to the β-carotene content of the diet, fresh spring grass containing large amounts of this substance. Improved nutrition can exert a profound effect on ovarian function by increasing the number of follicles which mature and ovulate.

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