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By Ian Brooker; Dean Nicholle

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Adult leaves discolorous, dull, green above, paler „‡Ž‘™Ǣ‹–”ƒƒ”‰‹ƒŽ˜‡‹•ƒŽ‘•–…‘ϐŽ—‡–™‹–Š leaf edge; secondary veins widely-angled, closelyspaced (penniveined); tertiary venation very dense to extremely dense; with very scattered to scattered, mostly intersectional, oil glands. 22 mm Visible oil gland frequency 110 cm-2 Ϯ͘ϱŵŵ ϱŵŵ E. guilfoylei (yellow tingle). A. indd 51 29/03/13 12:54 PM 52 ƵĐĂůLJƉƚƵƐ ƐƵďŐĞŶƵƐ^LJŵƉŚLJŽŵLJƌƚƵƐƐĞĐƟŽŶ^ĞũƵŶĐƚĂĞ A monotypic section endemic to South Australia but widely cultivated in temperate regions of Australia and worldwide.

Indd 27 29/03/13 12:52 PM 28 ŽƌLJŵďŝĂ ^ƵďŐĞŶƵƐŽƌLJŵďŝĂƐĞĐƟŽŶ^ĞƉƚĞŶƚƌŝŽŶĂůĞƐƐĞƌŝĞƐ&ĞƌƌƵŐŝŶĞĂĞ Eleven species, widespread in northern Australia. ŽŽ•’‡…‹‡•ƒ”‡”‡’”‘†—…–‹˜‡Ž›ƒ–—”‡‹–Š‡Œ—˜‡nile leaf phase. Leaves on mature plants concolorous or weakly discolorous, dull, green, often setose; incurved secondary veins mid-angled to widely-angled and forming a partial intramarginal vein; tertiary venation dense to extremely dense; oil glands sparse to scattered and obscure, or apparently absent.

A. indd 44 29/03/13 12:54 PM 45 ƵĐĂůLJƉƚƵƐƐƵďŐĞŶƵƐƵĚĞƐŵŝĂ ^ĞĐƟŽŶŽŵƉůĂŶĂƚĂĞ Two species (E. megasepala and E. tetrodonta), widespread in far northern Australia. Adult leaves concolorous, dull, slightly blue-green to grey-green; intramarginal veins moderatelydistinct to very close to leaf edge; secondary veins mid-angled to widely-angled; tertiary venation moderate and sometimes broken; with numerous to extremely numerous or obscure, small, island oil glands. 50 mm Visible oil gland frequency 830 cm-2 ϭŵŵ Ϯ͘ϱŵŵ E.

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