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By Bob Doneley

This is often a concise, sensible and wonderfully illustrated publication facing problems affecting the various physique areas and platforms and overlaying anatomy, body structure, actual exam, medical concepts and diagnostic tests. It is a quick reference for clinicians and a examine advisor for undergraduate and post-graduate veterinary scholars.

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History taking can be divided into: • Background history: • Signalment. • Origin of the bird. • Husbandry. • Nutrition. ORIGIN OF THE BIRD • How long have the clients owned this bird? Birds that have been in the owner’s possession for many years, with no recent exposure to other birds, are less likely to have infectious diseases. Recently obtained birds are more likely to have been in close contact with other birds and, as such, have possibly been exposed to infectious diseases. • Where did the owner obtain the bird?

Uterine contractility stimulates AVT release from the pituitary, which stimulates further contractility and release of uterine PGs. Eggs are successively laid until a clutch is formed: indeterminate layers continue to lay if eggs are removed, while determinate layers will only lay a set number of eggs. Incubation is performed by the hen only (in 25% of species), shared (54%), by the males only (6%) or by mixed strategies. Plasma prolactin levels are elevated in both sexes during incubation, which then has an inhibitory feedback on GnRH release.

Hyperplasia of this gland may occur in waterfowl given drinking water high in salt. Modified feathers (filoplumes) are present near the eyelid margin and have a protective and tactile function. The cornea is small compared to the rest of the eyeball. It is small in underwater swimmers and more extensive and more strongly curved in species such as eagles and owls with globular or tubular eyes. It consists of five layers: an anterior (outer) stratified squamous epithelium; an anterior (outer) limiting lamina (Bowman’s membrane), not always differentiated in birds and not found in mammals; the substantia propria, consisting of bundles of collagen fibres, which forms the great bulk of the corneal wall; a posterior limiting lamina (Descemet’s membrane); and a posterior (inner) layer of simple cuboidal epithelium.

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