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Download Beautiful JavaScript: Leading Programmers Explain How They by Anton Kovalyov PDF

By Anton Kovalyov

JavaScript is arguably the main polarizing and misunderstood programming language on the planet. Many have tried to switch it because the language of the internet, yet JavaScript has survived, advanced, and thrived. Why did a language created in such hurry be successful the place others failed?

This consultant grants a unprecedented glimpse into JavaScript from humans in detail conversant in it. Chapters contributed through area specialists comparable to Jacob Thornton, Ariya Hidayat, and Sara Chipps exhibit what they love approximately their favourite language—whether it’s turning the main feared positive factors into precious instruments, or how JavaScript can be utilized for self-expression.

Contributors include:

• Angus Croll
• Jonathan Barronville
• Sara Chipps
• Marijn Haverbeke
• Ariya Hidayat
• Daryl Koopersmith
• Anton Kovalyov
• Rebecca Murphey
• Daniel Pupius
• Graeme Roberts
• Jenn Schiffer
• Jacob Thornton
• Ben Vinegar
• Rick Waldron
• Nicholas Zakas

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Appendix E: Reserved and Special Words lists all of the known reserved words that are part of the ECMAScript specification, as well as some additional keywords used by popular browser extensions and proprietary browser features. Appendix F: Document Object Reference contains a thorough list of DOM objects and properties with thorough browser support information and descriptions. Appendix G: Resources on the Web points to some useful Web resources for JavaScript, DHTML, and CSS development. What You Need to Use This Book No special software or hardware is required to use this book.

This is different from the feature inside a browser that renders HTML and CSS, which is known as the Layout Engine. There are nearly as many engines as there are browser vendors. This has been the source of a lot of confusion over the years because more often than not, it is less important to a developer which browser someone is using than it is what JavaScript or Layout engine they are using. Generally speaking, JavaScript engines implement a single or sometimes multiple versions of the ECMAScript standard.

Today there are many server-side frameworks implementing JavaScript. Some of these use open source interpreters such as Rhino or SpiderMonkey. NET. Even the now-obsolete ASP framework from Microsoft had JScript as 5 Chapter 1: Introduction to JavaScript an available language. net/ Chapter 1: Introduction to JavaScript ActionScript and Flash Introduced in Macromedia Flash Player 5, ActionScript was an improvement on a scripting feature introduced into Flash much earlier. The idea was simply to allow developers to apply custom movements and behaviors based on user input.

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