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By Magued Iskander

One of the key problems in predicting the capability of pipe piles in sand has resulted from an absence of realizing of the actual procedures that keep an eye on the habit of piles in the course of install and loading.

This monograph offers a close blue print for constructing experimental amenities essential to establish those methods. those amenities contain a distinct instrumented double-walled pipe-pile that's used to delineate the frictional stresses performing opposed to the exterior and inner surfaces of the pile. The pile is outfitted with miniature pore-pressure transducers to watch the iteration of pore water strain in the course of install and loading. a quick computerized laboratory pile hammer in a position to representing the phenomena that take place in the course of pile riding was once additionally built and used. ultimately, a strain chamber; suggestions keep watch over process; facts acquisition method; loading body; sand dealing with, pluviating, saturating, and drying gear were built-in to permit handy load trying out of piles below simulated box stipulations. The experimental gear is gifted with enough info to permit readers to replicate or alter the layout to fit their very own needs.

A variety of load exams have been conducted to spot the results of inertia and build-up of pore water strain on pile plugging. non-stop size of dynamic and static extra pore pressures, frictional and finish bearing stresses, and the elevation of the soil contained in the pile in the course of install and loading are offered. the result of the trying out software validates the functionality of the built gear, and supply specified insights into soil-structure interplay in the course of pile using and next loading. The paintings contributes to a greater figuring out of pile behavior.

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If the pile plugs and “refuses” prematurely, the required thick section may end up above the mudline. If a plug forms during the installation of an offshore pile, the plug is typically removed by drilling or jetting3. The effects of the removal of the soil plug on the final pile capacity are controversial. Brucy et al. (1991) claimed that static loading results are not changed by partial removal of the soil plug. Other studies indicate that jetting results in a substantial reduction in the over-all pile capacity, even if the pile is re-driven (McClelland and Focht 1955).

Olson and Iskander (1994) showed that scatter between measured and predicted pile capacities could be reduced using a set of simple logarithmic functions relating blow counts to Nq, K, and δ. Further, Olson and Iskander (2009) demonstrated that the best fit parameters may not necessarily fit pre-conceived notions of what these parameters ought to be. Load transfer between a pile and the surrounding soil is usually determined by measuring the axial load in the pile as a function of depth. Such measurements typically indicate zones of reduced side shear near both the top and bottom of piles (Vesic 1970).

D. : Finite-Strain Axial Analysis of Piles in Clay. R. ) Proc. : Review and Compilation of Pile Test Results, Axial Pile Capacity, Report to the American Petroleum Institute, Geot. Engr. Report No. GR81-14, Department of Civil Engineering, Univ. : Axial Load Capacities of Steel Pipe Piles in Sand. In: Proc. 2nd Intern. Conf. on Case Histories in Geot. , Univ. of Missouri, Rolla, vol. 3, pp. : Axial Load Capacity of Steel Pipe Piles. In: Proc. : Axial Load Capacity of Pipe Piles in Sands. In: Proc.

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